We are so excited to introduce our new digital media packaging box, it is going to WOW your customer and clients without a doubt!

Imagine sending products and a marketing video and as soon as your target customer opens the box, a video starts playing explaining your product or service and telling the story of what you do and at the same time they can pick up your product sample out of the box and touch and feel it.  Imagine the impact you will get from this digital media box….. The perfect solution for the times where you just can’t be there in person to sell your product!  This box won’t go un-noticed on a desk!

If you are a photographer or videographer, imaging putting a slide show of images or your video on the screen and putting your album, prints and other products into the box.  Imagine the surprise you clients will have when they open that box, what an impact, and how exciting will it be for them to receive this digital media box.  No need for them to insert the usb into a computer or find a DVD player to watch their special moments you have created for them.  Creating instant excitement and a fantastic experience they will share with everyone they know!

Watch our short video and see for yourself  just how awesome it will be for your business packaging.

There is no need to buy hundreds of boxes to take advantage of awesome packaging product, you can order just one if that is all you need.  We also have options to personalise it for your business by printing a full colour logo on the top of the box lid or a full colour photograph.

If you are interested to know more about our digital media packaging box  and WOW your customers with the big impact this packaging product creates, then follow this link to our packaging supplies  and place your order for one today.

We believe every day should feel like christmas when you receive professionally packaged products.

Create an experience with your packaging your customers that will leave your customers raving about you.

The little details really are important.

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