Lockable phone pouches for schools, Is your school in need of a way to manage the use of mobile phones?

Schools can sometimes face a problem with their students using their phones during lessons and breaks. To address this, many schools have started introducing lockable phone pouches to help control and monitor the usage of mobile phones by students during school hours. Lockable phone pouch

Lockable phone pouches are designed to keep the phone secure and locked away when not in use.  This Provides complete control of all devices and removal of any access or misuse of during school hours.  A combination lock or a locking device is used to ensure students can only use their phone when needed. This also means that teachers and school staff are able to check when a student has had access to their device. Lockable phone pouches also serve as a way for students to store their phones in a secure area at school.

These pouches can be used in combination with charging stations to provide a secure space for both charging and storage of their devices. They prevent any potential disruptions to educational activities, while at the same time protecting students devices from theft or damage.

What is great about these pouches is that schools can give them to their students in a fully custom and personalised design. You can work with Bespoke Packaging to create these pouches with a fully custom printed and sublimated design.

The pouches can be made in any colour, or design, and incorporate school colours. The best part, is that these pouches provide a secure system to guard the phones of each student.

The teacher in charge can keep the locking and unlocking device with them, so that they have complete control over when to unlock the pouch. This ensures the students are only allowed access to their phones during approved times.

Overall, lockable phone pouches provide a secure and reliable way for schools to control and monitor mobile phone usage by their students. With so many benefits, these pouches have become an increasingly popular way to maintain order and respect within the school environment. If you’d like to find out more about how Bespoke Packaging can provide schools with custom lockable phone pouches, then get in touch today. Contact us today here Email info@bespokepackaging.biz or call 0416 527 944 during business hours.

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