When someone calls with a packaging crisis, we can come up with a packaging solution, this is how we averted the crisis.

I recently received a call late on Thursday evening from a marketing company. They needed to find a packaging solution quickly to replace a product that was not going to arrive in time for the CEO of an international accounting company.  We needed to find something suitable to hold the CEO’s presentation for his presentation at their conference in New Zealand.

They had been browsing our online store and liked the look of our A4 String closure envelopes and wanted to have them branded with the accounting companies logo.   We also chatted about the time frame we had to work with.  We discovered that they needed a large quantity of envelopes and we only had approximately 24hrs to get the products organised.

Once we established the purpose for the envelopes and what they needed to hold,  we were able to offer the best solution for their packaging dilemma that would fit within the short timeline.  Our string closure envelopes were not an option as we did not have the full quantity required readily available, we could supply our Kraft A4 Folder Envelopes as a solution.  The hot foil branding was also not possible as it would take a minimum of 3 days just to have the metal plate set up completed, so we suggested our custom logo printed kraft seals that could be quickly and easily attached to each folder.

Once we had agreed on the products the next hurdle was making sure we could get the products to them.  With the short time frame we had, there was no courier option that would be able to deliver the product to them in New Zealand on Monday morning.  There was also the worry that customs clearance could also offer unexpected delays once it got there, if we did use one of the premium, super expensive options.  We asked if there was anyone traveling to NZ from Sydney that may be able to take the packaging products over with them.  After a little hunting they found a staff member from the accounting company that was leaving Monday, and a means of getting the product to NZ, but how would I guarantee the products would get to Sydney on Sunday for a Monday departure.  It was Friday midday when we came to the conclusion that we needed to personally fly the products down to Sydney as luggage on a domestic service and hand them over in person.  After spending so much time finding a solution to their dilemma, there was no way I could just ship it off and not care if it got there on time.

A4 Folder envelope packaging solutions

Present your lecture or class session notes in style with our Kraft A4 folder envelope. (also comes in black and white)


We created an example of the A4 presentation folder envelope and prepared some basic instructions with measurements for the event staff that would be putting all the folders together in New Zealand.

I flew down to Sydney on Sunday midday and met our most appreciative customer to hand deliver the packaging supplies at the airport.  He was so relieved it had all come together.

We were over the moon we were able to help out in their hour of need and find the best possible solution for our customer, the CEO loved the beautifully presented product that would represent their brand and company at their conference.


Anything really is possible…..

The Team @ Bespoke Packaging.

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